Beyond Earth Day (BED) is a celebration of people and planet that occurs near Earth Day (April 22nd) each year. 2024 BED will take place April 20-26.

BED highlights programs and activities that celebrate or educate on the wellbeing of our society, economy, and planet.

Programming is focused on earth ecosystems, health and wellness, viable economies, and social equity.  Events & activities draw attention to the interdependence of the health of and justice for humans, animals, environment, and economy.

BED Events

Check back for updates; more events are being added.  Click an event to see the event details.

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Events and booths at the Community Fair are hosted by a variety of on- and off-campus organizations, as submitting events for consideration and requests for booth spaces are welcome from any organization that upholds the vision of BED and are relevant to OSU students and employees.

Please Note: The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only, and OSU does not screen, recommend, endorse, or sponsor the entities, individuals, or events on this list. In no event will OSU be liable for any loss or damage resulting in reliance of the information provided, or participation in the event represented. Students are strongly encouraged to carefully review opportunities to identify those that best align with their interests and personal circumstances and reach out to the hosting organization with any questions or concerns.