Program Information

Saber es Poder will be offered during Spring term 2023!

This years Saber es Poder program is an immersive overnight experience in Woodburn, Oregon, where you will get the opportunity to meet several Latina women actively working in community based leadership. This experience will provide you the opportunity to develop yourself as a leader, develop meaningful connections, and be empowered by the stories and knowledge of local community leaders. Lodging and food will be provided, and there is no application fee. Spots are limited, so apply now! Final deadline is April 7th, 2023.

What is Saber es Poder?

Saber es Poder focuses on Latine leadership, activism, and self-exploration by giving students the opportunity to connect with Latine leaders, learn from their stories, and reflect on their own personal leadership skills. In the past, participants have had the opportunity to explore both historical and contemporary leadership and activism by connecting with leaders working to create change through art, music, education, policy & governance, community organizing, activism, and more!

Through Saber es Poder, we hope to affirm that leadership can be practiced in many different ways and that leadership is for everyone, including YOU! By participating in Saber es Poder, we hope you will recognize that you have what it takes to lead!

Saber es Poder is offered as a collaborative series by Diversity & Cultural Engagement – Centro Cultural César Chávez and Community Engagement & Leadership.

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Lodging, travel, and food is provided!

Deadline to apply is April 7th, 2023!


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