We Believe Leadership is for YOU!

We believe leadership is for everyone, and that includes YOU! Leadership skills can be learned and everyone has the capacity to lead in some way. Our workshops are here to help you tap into your own leadership potential!

We offer a variety of workshops to help students become more intentional, self-aware, and effective leaders during their time at OSU and beyond. By doing so, students will enhance their ability to create and advance positive social change both individually and collectively.

Participate in any of our workshops to develop your personal leadership identity so you can more clearly and confidently answer the question: Who am I as a leader and what am I working towards?

Our workshops are informed and tied together by our CEL Leadership Identity Model, which can be viewed at the bottom of the webpage: Our approach to community engagement & leadership.

Workshop Requests

Workshops are available by request for student organizations & clubs, fraternity & sorority chapters, departments, classes, staff teams, and other groups in the OSU community. See below for descriptions of all our workshops.

Timeframes listed for each workshop are approximate. We may be able to adjust the timeframe upon request to meet your group's needs. While these workshops are primarily intended for OSU student organizations, courses, and departments, we are open to adapting them to your needs.

If you are interested in having us present an overview of our programs and offerings to your group or table at an event, you can request our Community Engagement & Leadership Info Session as well.

All of our workshops are available for both in-person and remote delivery. Click "Request a Workshop" for details on delivery options.

For preparation and planning purposes, please submit your request at least two (2) weeks in advance.

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Values-Based Leadership

1 hour & 30 minutes

Are you looking for a greater sense of purpose and direction in your leadership and life? We can help with that! This workshop will give you the opportunity to take a deeper look at your personal values as a way to better understand what drives you in life. Clarifying our values and applying them through daily actions is critical to leading for a more just and equitable world.

True Colors: Strengths-Based Leadership & Group Dynamics

1 hour & 30 minutes

True Colors is a personality assessment designed to give you a deeper understanding of your own leadership style and how to effectively work with others through strengths-based leadership. This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore your leadership strengths, style, and tendencies, while recognizing the strengths and styles of others. This workshop is intended to make individuals, as well as groups and teams, more effective and successful in achieving their goals. This workshop is designed to support individuals and teams in being the best versions of themselves through self-awareness, communication, and collaboration!

Socially Conscious Leadership

1 hour & 30 minutes

We live in a world where dominant culture can impact people's ability to experience and feel validation. Yet, we all can take actions every day that support affirmation and belonging for others. This workshop will give you the chance to reflect on your identities and experiences in order to consider how you can positively influence the world around you in a more mindful way.  Through reflection, stories, and collaborative ideation, we will identify practices of socially conscious leadership as a means to create a more caring, just, and equitable world.

Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement

1 hour & 30 Minutes

Civic engagement is about acting on a mindset centered around a sense of social responsibility to better the larger world. This workshop sheds light on the numerous pathways an individual can take to be more engaged in larger social change.

Community Engagement & Leadership Info Session

15-30 minutes

If you are interested in community service, taking action on social causes, and building your leadership skills, all while connecting with other OSU students, then request this info session to learn more! At Community Engagement & Leadership (CEL), we offer community service projects, conversation spaces, workshops, and a variety of other events for you to get involved in the OSU and greater Corvallis community, explore how to create social change, and develop your leadership skills. This overview session is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn how to get involved, and meet some of the student staff working in CEL!