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We invite events focused on earth ecosystems, health and wellness, viable economies, and social equity and drawing attention to the interdependence of the health of and justice for humans, animals, environment, and economy. Beyond Earth Day programming looks to highlight programs and activities that celebrate or provide education on the wellbeing of our society, economy, and planet.  Events must also be relevant to OSU students, staff and faculty.

Beyond Earth Day Week events are held within the date range of April 20 – 26, 2024. A calendar of approved events will be included in our promotional materials, including the BED Events Calendar on the main BED page.  If you need help adding an event, see the How to submit a Beyond Earth Day event instructions.

Please submit your event to the calendar by Friday, April 5th!

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Please Note: The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only, and OSU does not screen, recommend, endorse, or sponsor the entities, individuals, or events on this list. In no event will OSU be liable for any loss or damage resulting in reliance of the information provided, or participation in the event represented. Students are strongly encouraged to carefully review opportunities to identify those that best align with their interests and personal circumstances and reach out to the hosting organization with any questions or concerns.

Our vision is to focus on earth ecosystems, health and wellness, viable economies, and social equity and draw attention to the interdependence of the health of and justice for humans, animals, environment, and economy.

We Encourage Honoring Contributions of Indigenous People and Native Land Acknowledgments

We encourage organizers of BED events to acknowledge and honor the native land on which OSU and Corvallis sits as well as recognize past and present contributions of Indigenous people. When delivering a land acknowledgment before a meeting or event, it is important to do research — determining whose territory we’re on, learning about the tribe’s history and what they are doing today — it will show we care about our shared histories, our present actions, and building a better future. Support for Indigenous people must go beyond the land acknowledgment itself and also include taking time to learn about Indigenous land, languages and treaties and truly empathizing with the effects of colonization. 


Tips to Encourage More Sustainable Transportation to Your Event

Consider making your event more sustainable by encouraging your attendees to get there in ways other than driving alone:

  • Advertise nearby transit routes, and encourage attendees to use Google Transit directions to find their bus.
  • Share the availability and location of nearby covered bike parking, using the OSU Bike Map.
  • Encourage carpooling for those that cannot walk, bike, or take transit.
  • Promote the Beaver Bus for getting around on campus, using the real-time shuttle tracker mobile app and website

Thanks for supporting alternative transportation to BED!

Ideas for Themes

Here are a few areas of focus to get you thinking about themes that could be included in your event submission:

  • Social justice: Examining systems of oppression as it connects to environmental justice
  • Business: Sustainable economies, sustainable businesses, materials, clothing industry, local businesses, etc.
  • Food: Sustainable food systems, food security/insecurity, food access, growing food, etc.
  • Transportation: Focus on options in Corvallis and surrounding areas, tie in economics of alternative transportation, etc.
  • Service to meet the community-identified needs 
  • Cultural expression and inclusion
  • Sustainability expressed through the arts
  • Fostering a sense of place and community

Ideas for Events

Here are a few event ideas that you may be able to hold and tie into your missions and goals as an organization:

  • Alternative transportation tour: bicycle tour, public transit, walk, run, etc.
  • Guest speakers: writers, authors, etc.
  • Workshops: focus on your organization’s area of expertise and how to make it “sustainable” (environmentally, socially or economically)
  • Panel of “sustainability” experts with Q&A
  • Host a science demo: relate it to the earth and sustainability (space, animals, physics, etc.)
  • Plant trees or other native plants
  • Create social media challenges, pledges or giveaways related to reducing personal carbon emissions
  • Movie screenings: Ted Talks, movies, documentaries, etc.
  • Flash Mob: grab attention, relate to Earth Day/sustainability

Idea Library

The Beyond Earth Day (BED) celebration at Oregon State University has been a long standing tradition that helps the community better understand and engage in sustainability efforts. As it is such a large celebration that encompasses so many partners, the BED Committee receives many great ideas for events and collaborations - so many that we are not able to act on all of them. Thus, this year we are starting an 'Idea Library' to collect all of the great suggestions for events and collaborations that we receive.  This library will be available publicly to the community at large to both find ideas for events, but also to find resources and community partners interested in collaborating with other organizations.

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More opportunities

Interested in engaging with the community outside of Beyond Earth Week? The Corvallis Climate Action Alliance (CCAA) is hosting Earth Month in Corvallis during April. Their website features events and volunteer opportunities happening throughout the month that hope to boost participation in sustainable practices and to accelerate climate, social, and economic justice. To register an event with CCAA or to find an opportunity, check out their website.