In addition to the service projects offered during days of service and action weeks, CEL provides stand-alone service projects at various times throughout the year. We provide transportation to and from the activity. We also host a wide array of service opportunities on our community service database. For these opportunities, students should contact the community partner to set up their service project. Learn more about these great opportunities below.

Record Service Hours

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only, and OSU does not screen, recommend, endorse or sponsor the entities, individuals or events on this list. In no event will OSU be liable for any loss or damage resulting in reliance of the information provided, or participation in the event represented.

As a result of the OSU COVID-19 response, we are currently hosting limited in person service projects but encourage public service, philanthropy, and community engagement in the following opportunities to meet area community needs as individual's personal circumstances and comfort allow: