Political engagement is a powerful way you can be civically engaged in your community. This can take many forms, including voting, staying informed on political issues, joining a political party, advocating or canvasing for an issue or candidate, and more. ASOSU (Associated Students of Oregon State University)  coordinates and supports voter registration programming and other political engagement and advocacy efforts for OSU students. Policy and Governance, or participating in political processes, policymaking, and public governance, is one of the Pathways of Public Service & Civic Engagement.

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Oregon Voter Information

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Oregon is a vote-by-mail state! This means that once you're registered to vote, your ballot will be mailed to the address you're registered with. Here are the basics for what you need to know as a voter:

  • How to Register: You can register online with the State of Oregon! You can also mail in a voter registration form or register in person at your local county elections office and learn more about registering to vote in Oregon at the Oregon's Online Voter Registration website.
  • Qualifications to Register: Oregon residents who are U.S. citizens can register to vote at 16 years old and begin voting at 18 years old.
  • Who Is a Resident: If you have a residential address in Oregon, you are considered a resident. Residential addresses can be your house, apartment, or dorm. It can be your OSU address or your home address, depending where you want to vote. Some of these forms of IDs must be used to register in person rather than by mail or online.
  • Home vs. College Addresses: You can use your home or college address to vote. If you use your home address, you can request your ballot be mailed to your college address online. This is considered your mailing address, not your residential address.
  • Automatic Registration: In Oregon under the Oregon Motor Voter Act, when you fill out a driver's license application or vehicle registration, you're automatically registered to vote unless you opt out.
  • Deadlines: You must register to vote or change your address 21 days prior to an election.
  • Absentee Voting: This includes requesting absentee ballots if you're studying abroad or if you'd like your ballot mailed to a different address than where you're registered. Learn more about voting in Oregon including absentee voting on the Voting in Oregon page. 
  • Returning Your Ballot: You can mail in your completed ballot or drop it off at an official ballot dropbox. You should mail ballots a week before the election day and use a stamp. Ballots received via mail after election day will not be counted. If you use a dropbox, you must submit by 8pm on election day and do not need a stamp. Be sure you sign the back of your ballot envelope either way! There is an official dropbox on campus at the corner of Ralph Miller Lane and 26th St., next to Gill Coliseum. There is 24-hour drive up access at at this dropbox.
  • Lost Ballots: If you lose your ballot, contact your county elections office to request a replacement.
  • Voter Information: You will receive a voter information packet in the mail in advance of election day that outlines all your ballot options.

OSU Lobbying Programs

Organizing & Advocacy Resources

ALL IN Democracy Challenge

Oregon State University participates in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge empowers colleges and universities to achieve excellence in nonpartisan student democratic engagement. Learn more about OSU's ALL IN activity and recognition. In 2020, OSU was recognized as a Gold Campus for Excellence in Student Voter Engagement as a result of having a 70-79% student voting rate!