We offer a variety of workshops and presentations to help your student group, fraternity, sorority, department, or class have more positive and impactful experiences with community engagement! See below for descriptions of all of our workshops. You can also request for us to table at an event.

The times listed with the workshops reflect an approximate time frame for each session, however, we are able to tailor the timeframe as needed. While these workshops are primarily intended for OSU student organizations, courses, and departments, we are open to adapting them to your needs. For preparation and planning purposes, please make your request at least two weeks in advance.

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Community Engagement & Leadership Overview (20 minutes)

At Community Engagement & Leadership, we believe the world should be a more just place for everyone. We believe that everyone's actions matter and that OSU students have the power to shape the world. Through engaging students in self-development, community-based learning, direct service, and advocacy in the greater Corvallis community, we cultivate leaders and change-makers. We work to create more sustainable, caring, and equitable communities. 

Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement (30 minutes)

Civic engagement is acting on a mindset centered around a sense of social responsibility to better the larger world. This workshop sheds light on the numerous pathways an individual can take to be more engaged in larger social change.

True Colors (45 minutes)

True Colors is a personality assessment designed to give every aspiring leader an opportunity to explore their own unique leadership style and workplace tendencies.  The intention of this workshop is to offer team members of any size group a chance to gain a more holistic understanding into their fellow colleagues. Information gleaned from this workshop will improve workplace communication, increase rates of productivity, and eliminate sources of conflict.

Becoming an Effective Site Leader (60 minutes)

This workshop is designed to train future site-leaders who would like to participate in our various days of service (i.e. MLK Jr. Day, Fall into Service, etc.). Topics such as community entry, risk management, and Motor Pool certification will be addressed and is mandatory information for all potential site leads.

Get Involved @ OSU (30 minutes)

Explore multiple pathways for student engagement on OSU campus. This workshop will be particularly useful for incoming students who want to identify areas of involvement based on their personal passions and interests. After participating in this workshop, students will be more confident in identifying why campus involvement is beneficial for themselves and for the greater OSU community.